You're Not Growing Revenue... 

As a CEO or VP, are you feeling too heavily involved in your company’s sales process and still not achieving the revenue you want? Whether you’re having to jump in and sell the product or service yourself or are stuck managing a non-performing team, you need help driving revenue growth.

Some of you have tried working with sales consultants and trainers in the past, but never saw results! 


Our approach is all-inclusive, hands-on, affordable, and achieves profitable ROI.


We focus on BQ (the behavioral quotient, behavioral intelligence) and how it drives sales performance… behavior drives results. A rep’s BQ is their conscious decision to show up and perform every day at their highest ability. BQ is about consistent effective execution and performance. 


BQ is negatively impacted by lack of sales infrastructure, clunky internal systems and processes, mixed messages from management, lack of a high-performing sales culture, lack of innovation in the company’s product or service, and other factors. 

You Need Our Help...

Our firm acts as fractional VPs of Sales who work directly for you to profitably rebuild your sales department. Every client engagement is custom built, based on the needs of your company, with the main focus on your sales department and driving revenue growth. In the first 30 days, we complete our BUILD phase which includes the list of deliverables on page 3 of this document and depending on agreed upon scope, may include audits, gap analyses, and additional deliverables for sales operations (CRM, automation, tech stack), marketing (brand, design, digital, top of funnel automation), or operations (customer implementation and customer success).

During the BUILD phase, we create your existing talent development strategy and future recruiting roadmap. If you elect our HIRE phase, we help you find the best sales talent, using our screening tools and proprietary interview method RPAC. If you choose to have us recruit for you, fees are quoted separately.

Lastly, in our DRIVE phase, we stick around for the ROI. The DRIVE phase is custom built for each client based on the need and size of your sales team. Some facets of your DRIVE phase may include running or attending your weekly sales team meetings, conducting in-the-field sales coaching and training, listening back to recorded calls / meetings and providing coaching, conducting individual or group sales training sessions, and holding 1:1s with each rep to discuss pipeline management and deal progression. For larger teams, we provide hands-on support for your sales managers and empower them to be successful leaders within your organization by mastering the 4 key pillars of sales management and building a high-performing sales culture.

In The Past Year, Sales BQ®...

 Served 48 Companies

Recruited 57 Sales Reps & Managers

Across 20 States

71% Crushed their Quotas (against industry average of 54%)

Grew their revenue over 185% YoY. 5 Clients Doubled, 1 Client Tripled.

Trained 400+ Participants in our Training Program

No Opinions, Just Facts.

We believe in data-driven sales coaching to produce maximum ROI. We leverage a call-recording software that captures analytics on each sales rep’s sales calls. We listen to the playback and provide feedback on the precise moment the coachable moment occurs, where it be prospecting calls, discovery meetings, demos, closing calls, sales management coaching and pipeline management meetings with their reps. We also review their talk time, number of questions asked, meaningful switches, and filler terms. Each call is custom scored and graded with a development plan for improvement.

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HQ'd in Denver, CO - Serving Companies Nationwide


Colleen Stasiuk,

Digital Advertising Agency

Just wanted to share two great successes as a direct result of your webinar class yesterday! Your email template to use when reaching out to new prospects worked as we got two replies within two hours of sending to new prospects. This is a huge success as we rarely get replies.

Charissa Pilster, 

Executive Operations Manager

Every company should be putting together their puzzle by putting in place standard processes to grow. Sales BQ® is the answer to sales and marketing. This will make you examine every other division in your company because they will need to keep up.

Rory Blanton, 


Mary's team brings the full range of education that you won't find anywhere else. Considering everyone learns different, this cannot get any better. From live classroom, to playbook, to virtual classroom, to one on one coaching, and all in one package. Everything Mary does builds on the next. Mary is hands-down one of the best sales leaders in the country.


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