You're Not Growing Revenue. 

As a CEO or VP, are you too heavily involved in your company’s sales & marketing process and still not achieving the revenue you want? Whether you’re having to jump in and sell the product or service yourself or are stuck managing a non-performing team, you need help driving revenue growth.

Some of you previously worked with consultants and trainers, but never saw results! 

Our holistic approach to revenue growth results in profitable ROI.


We focus on BQ, the behavioral quotient of behavioral intelligence. Behavior drives results. BQ is the conscious decision to show up and perform every day at the highest ability. 

BQ is negatively impacted by lack of infrastructure, clunky internal systems and processes, mixed messages from management, lack of a high-performing culture, lack of innovation in the company’s product or service, and other factors.

You Need Our Help.

We are fractional VPs of Sales, Sales Ops, & CMOs who profitably rebuild your sales, marketing, and customer success departments. Client engagements are custom built with our focus on a holistic approach to revenue growth.

In the first 30 days, we complete audits, gap analyses, and deliverables for:

  • Sales Build: Rep Roles, Comp Plans, Sales Process & Playbook

  • Sales Operations: Tech Stack, CRM, & Sales Process Automation

  • Marketing: Brand, Design, Digital, & Top of Funnel Automation

  • Customer Success: Implementation, Account Management & Renewals


Then we create your talent development strategy and recruiting roadmap. In our HIRE phase, we recruit the best talent using our recruiters and proprietary interview method RPAC. 


In our DRIVE phase, we stick around for the ROI. Some facets may include: 

  • Running Your Weekly Sales, Marketing & Customer Success Team Meetings

  • Conducting In-The-Field Coaching & Training

  • Listening to Recorded Calls & Meetings

  • Conducting Individual & Group Training Sessions

  • Holding 1:1s to Discuss Activity Metrics, Pipeline Management & Deal Progression, and Closed Revenue!


For larger teams, we provide hands-on support for your managers and empower them to be successful leaders by mastering the 4 key pillars of management and building a high-performing culture.

We Are Your Outsourced RevOps Partner.
In The Past Year, Sales BQ®...

 Served 51 Companies

Recruited 58 Reps & Managers

Across 20 States

71% Crushed their Quotas (against industry average of 54%)

Grew their revenue over 185% YoY. 5 Clients Doubled, 1 Client Tripled.

Trained 450+ Participants in our Training Program

No Opinions, Just Facts.

We believe in data-driven consulting, coaching, and training to produce maximum ROI. We leverage your historical company revenue data, forecast reports, KPIs, and benchmark each team member with a call-recording software that captures analytics and performance. We audit your infrastructure, processes, metrics, strategies, and talent. We use your data to build a gap analysis, implement the recommendations, and we stick around for the ROI.

As your outsourced RevOps partner, we don't focus on silos. We create a holistic revenue growth strategy by aligning marketing, sales, sales ops, and customer success. We are a HubSpot Agency Partner.

Headquartered in Denver, CO and Serving Companies Nationwide.
What People Are Saying.

Renee Krull

Mary started working with our company in Spring of 2018 and has had a huge hand in the success of not only our sales department, but our entire company. She always makes everyone feel as part of the process and fields all questions and concerns when making decisions. I would recommend her and her team at Sales BQ to any company that is looking to make that next step!

Brad Andersen

The team at SalesBQ is top-notch and they will help uncover your hidden potential through new learnings and reinforcements of old knowledge. They have an incredible talent pool to help you with all aspects of the sales process - from training to coaching to helping you close the deal. I highly recommend the SaleBQ team to help you take your skills and talent to the next level and uncover valuable insights about your personality, processes, methodologies, and acumen.

Katie Betsworth

There were a lot of changes over a few months that were advantageous to our small team and I knew she was truly onto something. Almost 12 months later, the success we have experienced can directly lead back to what Mary and her team brought to the table. Mary helped structure our sales organization to be more efficient, purposeful, and team-oriented. Mary believed we could and we crushed it!

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