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Aleasha Bahr



Aleasha Bahr is a sales & marketing strategist known for showing introverts and ambiverts the Secret Art of Subtle Selling. She sold millions in revenue in the corporate world while discovering introverts are usually top sales people - as soon as they stop trying to act like extroverts. So, she created a proven sales approach customized to introverts strengths that allows them to at an absolute minimum 2x their sales without pain, pitching or pretending to be someone else. 

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90 Day Subtle Selling Mentorship


Who is it for: 

  • Introverts & ambiverts who sell something that is $1,500-$100k+

  • Want to 2x -8x the number of people saying “yes” to your offer (the bigger your lead source, the bigger your ROI) 

We work together for 90 days on the following things:  

  • Tweaking your pre-qualification process, marketing & even your actual offer - so that you get prospects who are more likely to say "yes."

  • Re-positioning the questions you ask - to show off your expertise and  focus on whether someone is a good fit for you, instead of manipulative-feeling pain-based questions. We'll also make sure that the questions and their wording make sense for your offer and audience.

  • Show you how to elegantly weave in your pitch during the process of asking questions - so the prospect never feels "sold" but will be far more likely to buy than if you "saved" your entire pitch for after the questions.

  • Chunking your program/service explanation - Efficiently explain your program/service in no more than 3 chunks/parts and directly link each to the end result the prospect wants - so it is simple and easy for them to retain.

  • Objection strategy - Come up with a strategy for responding to objections specific to your offer (as well as the objections that everyone gets like price) - and won’t make you feel defensive.

  • Customizing your framework - customize ALL of the above with language your specific target audience would understand and relate to, so they're not confused about your offer (a confused mind never says yes).

Additional Deliverables: 

  • Two LIVE group meetings every week for 12 weeks 

  • Lifetime access to the Subtle Selling Video Course with ongoing updates (only 20 minutes of content per week - no fluff here!) 

  • Templates & step-by-step processes 

  • One year of access to the FB group for real time support with anything related to marketing and sales

End Result: 

  • 3-8 out of 10 prospects saying 'yes' to your offer with a sales process customized to you that works consistently and predictably to scale your income 

Note - If you really want to go fast, I have a few spots available for one-on-one coaching where you: 

  • Have me do a lot FOR you (create your script/framework, writing emails, messages, etc.) vs. WITH you. 

  • 12 one-on-one meetings

  • Unlimited access to me via messenger for real time feedback and reviews of your actual sales calls for quickest results. 

  • Spots are limited due to the amount of personalized time spent together