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Build + Hire + Drive

Profitably align your sales, marketing, and customer success departments.


Scale Your Revenue:

The Sales BQ® Approach

We only exist to grow your revenue. That’s it.

We work in tandem with your existing team or step in to directly oversee teams who are without a leader.

Sales BQ® How Our Process Works


You need a holistic approach to revenue growth.

Here's how we make it happen...

We are Revenue, Sales, & Marketing Leaders, who profitably (re)build your revenue departments; sales, marketing, and customer success in 6-month engagements. We align your revenue departments with a holistic revenue strategy and tactical execution plan. We then rely on our VP of Revenue Operations (also known as RevOps) to (re)build your tech stack and operational workflow to support the sales, marketing, and customer service departments. 

Every client engagement is custom-built, based on the needs of your company.





Month 1


In Month 1 of our 6-month engagement, we complete the BUILD phase. As fractional Revenue Leaders, we work in tandem with your sales, marketing, and customer success teams to audit the existing infrastructure, review historical data, evaluate existing talent, and work alongside them to complete gap analyses, recommendations, and execution plans for the below components.





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Revenue Operations

Revenue Operations

Review historical data on individuals, team, and company performance to identify trends, and gaps for growing revenue. Study the operational processes that support alignment for all revenue departments, including the technology stack and technology ecosystem.


Sales Department

Sales Department

Review existing sales plan, process, and playbook, provide gap analysis, and a plan for implementation for roles, comp, quotas, territories, verticals, and a Revenue Playbook with prospecting cadence, discovery questions, demo/presentation, and closing process.


Marketing Department

Marketing Department

Conduct a 28-point marketing audit and provide a gap analysis and recommendations for maximizing marketing performance, including ICPs/personas, brand, visual identity, SEM/SEO, paid search, social, content, print, inbound lead funnel, and conversion tracking.


Customer Success Department

Customer Success Department

Review the client handoff process and current approach to servicing clients, identify the gaps, and present recommendations and a plan for implementation for all facets of the client experience, including account management, client service, up-selling, renewals, and referrals.







Months 1-2


During the BUILD phase, we create your existing talent development strategy, individual learning and development plans, and future recruiting roadmap. 

If you elect our HIRE phase, we help you find the best talent, using our recruiters and proprietary interview method RPAC. 


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Talent Gaps

Talent Gaps

During the BUILD phase, we evaluate your existing talent to determine gaps using:

  • Data analysis through evaluation tools
  • Subjective analysis through shadowing
  • Performance analysis through scorecards


Talent Development Strategy

Talent Development Strategy

From the talent gap analysis, we develop individual learning plans identifying:

  • Action plan for IQ, product and industry knowledge
  • Action plan for EQ, effectiveness with others
  • Action plan for BQ, behavioral execution


Recruiting Roadmap

Recruiting Roadmap

A roadmap is built for growing headcount and scaling revenue based on:

  • Replacing non-performers
  • Growing headcount for growth
  • Anticipating attrition



Months 2+


In months 2-6 of our engagement, our DRIVE phase starts and we stick around for the ROI. The Sales BQ® VP of Revenue oversees the DRIVE phase, which may include support from additional Sales BQ team specialists for RevOps, Marketing, and Recruiting.

When we work with a client who has a VP of Sales, Marketing, and/or Customer Success we act as an extension of them, ensuring roadblocks are removed from their path to success. With their buy-in, we work together to create a high-performance culture and ensure the marketing, sales, and customer success departments are profitable. 

For clients who do not have a head of marketing, sales, or customer success, Sales BQ VPs assume those roles and take full responsibility for the success of those departments.






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Growth Strategy Implementation

Growth Strategy Implementation

Your Sales BQ® team is responsible for implementing the BUILD deliverables:

  • Tech stack usage guidelines and training
  • Revenue playbook roll-out
  • New hire onboarding


Classroom Training

Classroom Training

We use guided classroom education taught immersion-style, over time:

  • Custom curriculum built for you
  • Sessions are recorded for your future use
  • Topics from beginner through advanced


In-the-Field Coaching

In-the-Field Coaching

We roll up our sleeves, get in the field with your team members and:

  • Engage in one on one coaching
  • Ensure training is executed
  • Monitor performance in action


KPI Measurements

KPI Measurements

Opinions are valuable, but data is priceless and we achieve ROI by:

  • Developing relevant KPIs per role
  • Track daily and weekly data per person
  • Report to leadership weekly




We take over the daily, weekly, and monthly cadence for your team and:

  • Attend staff and leadership meetings
  • Shadow prospect and client meetings
  • Conduct individual one on one meetings


We are Your Outsourced Revenue Partner


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We only exist to grow your revenue. That’s it. 

In many organizations, revenue leaders drown in administrative work and are reactive to the needs of the business. This is very common. When working with Sales BQ, your marketing, sales, and customer success leadership team immediately increases capacity and bandwidth to complete both strategic and tactical initiatives, as Sales BQ will take on work as needed and introduce an accountability framework to ensure all projects are completed and success metrics are met. They will have a resource and an ally in their success. 

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