Customer Success
Revenue Growth Shouldn’t Stop with Sales
Invest in Your Customer Success Team

As a fully outsourced RevOps Partner, we follow our standard, proven 3 step process of BUILD + HIRE + DRIVE for our customer success teams.


BUILD Your Customer Success Infrastructure


Work with our VPs of RevOps to BUILD Your:


  • Customer success roles / responsibilities / compensation plans

  • Activity and success goals / metrics / scorecards

  • Customer journey map and support plan

  • Free trial conversion plan (if applicable)

  • An account management up-sell plan for existing clients

  • Strategy for renewals

  • Criteria and SOP for CRM / customer support tool

  • Proven step by step customer success methodology and call scripts

  • A gorgeous, custom Customer Success Playbook!

We Hire the Best People for the Job.

In the HIRE phase, we know exactly what types of roles you need to build a profitable revenue engine. We develop a matrix to define your ideal candidate profiles with characteristics, experience set, and skills to be successful. We build job descriptions, job ads, and source top sales, marketing, and customer success talent.


We phone screen your qualified candidates, interview them in-person following our proven RPAC interview methodology, and provide guidance in making hiring decisions.


Once hired, we assist in developing a 90 day on-boarding plan which includes individualized high-impact immersion training and coaching.

We DRIVE Growth Through Immersion Learning

For the DRIVE phase, we believe in immersion learning over time, accomplished by both classroom and in-the-field coaching and training… not an all-day butts-in-seats forgettable event.

We benchmark your customer success reps on the entire customer journey – we identify the behaviors, style, and techniques that help and hinder their success. We record (video & audio) customer service calls, QBRs, free trial conversion calls, upsell calls, and renewal calls. We provide feedback, typically 15-20 “coachable moments” per 30 minutes of film and a graded scorecard, based on key metrics. This creates awareness that allows room for change!


Our immersion learning experience creates high revenue growth results by aligning learning with immediate practice.  We know you don’t have time for the accountability piece – We Do! Let us takeover the weekly cadence, debrief calls, and hold your customer success reps accountable! We coach, train, and manage your reps in the classroom and in the office! We provide weekly updates, scorecards, and progress reports.


Our firm acts as fractional VPs of Sales, Sales Ops, & CMOs who work for you on a 6-12 month contract to rebuild your sales & marketing department.

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We will help you assess your current sales and marketing technology, develop a roadmap, and help you implement the technology changes necessary for your success.


The Sales BQ® leadership team created Marketing BQ because every client needed help with marketing for sales enablement.

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