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Learn A Little, Practice, Repeat. Your Sales BQ® Coach Holds You Accountable


Sales BQ® Sales Training


You deserve to learn fresh and relevant sales techniques that work with today's buyer, from prospecting through close. Our training content is updated monthly to ensure its relevancy and effectiveness in the market.



Our Courses:

- Cover the entire sales cycle

- Are broken out over time

- Increase your ability to retain the information

- Can be practiced in the field right away




Weekly One-on-One Coaching with Your SBQ Coach

You will be held accountable for implementing the changes and can work together with your coach to solve your personal selling challenges.




Join Us In-Person or Virtually

Our beautiful training center is located in Denver, Colorado. If you are not located near Denver, no worries. We live stream all of our training courses, so you can interact with us LIVE!




Let objections become your best friend in sales.

Learn how to avoid the bad objections and how to embrace the good ones to achieve more profitable sales outcomes.

This course is not live.






Most sales reps attend a networking event without a plan.

They show up and enjoy the refreshments, but don’t work the room. Make the most of networking events with this course.

This course is not live.






Use LinkedIn to its fullest, and get potential clients reaching out to you!

We revamp your profile with you and give you a daily process to follow in order to grow your network. Before you know it, your pipeline will be filled with qualified potential clients without pitching or hard selling.






Selling is getting your price at your terms; negotiating is modifying the price and terms to get to an agreement.

In this course we discuss where in the selling process negotiation occurs and what negotiation strategies to use.






Qualify your prospect through advanced questioning.

You must investigate all of the reasons why your prospect may or may not be willing to make a change or invest. We reveal the key areas you should be questioning. 






Knowing and understanding competition drives overall excellence, higher closing ratios, new product development, lower prices, and more.

We reveal what to do with the knowledge about your competitors and how you can use it to your advantage.





The decision step of the sales process is your final opportunity to ensure you have covered all the elements in each step of the sales process.

We discuss the key attributes for your interaction with the decision makers throughout the entire sales process.





Are you looking to move into a Sales Manager position or want to level up?

Our 4 manager courses talk about infrastructure, methodology, culture, and recruiting. Are you ready to lead a quota crushing team of sales reps?

This course is currently Sold Out.





Uncover your DiSC profile and learn how to spot a personality type right when you walk into the room.

You'll receive a custom Sales DiSC profile that highlights your dominant personality traits and selling styles. Adapt to different buyer styles specific to your natural selling style.





BQ stands for behavioral quotient. We strongly believe that behavior drives results.

Understanding your personality traits, your buyers, and your employees will help drive revenue growth.

Take the assessment to find out where you land on the DiSC chart. 





Sales Managers: Our sales competency assessment is a great tool for training your team.

Learn your sales strengths and struggles to pinpoint which areas need some TLC. As a manager, this is a great way to determine what role a candidate or employee will fit best and help you determine the right training plan.