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Funny training. Serious results.

Pitch Lab is a one-of-a-kind presentation skills training that applies the comedy techniques pros use on stage to help your client-facing team improve their confidence, differentiate your company from its competitors, and win more deals. PitchLab offers three hilarious, engaging, and actionable workshops that can be customized for your needs. 

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PitchLab Course Options

PitchLab offers three hilarious, engaging, and actionable workshops that can be customized for your needs. Funny training. Serious results.

Workshop Option #1: Be More Engaging

Learn actionable strategies to improve your delivery and room command using proven techniques from your favorite comedians like Chris Rock, Steve Martin & Tina Fey!

 Takeaways from the Stage:

  • Techniques to manage pre-pitch stage fright
  • Tips of how to utilize silence to build tension, punctuate critical points and truly be heard
  • The importance of breaking “the 4th wall” to increase trust 


Workshop Option #2: Tell Captivating Stories 

Practice crafting your own personal stories and receive actionable feedback on how to make your next presentation more memorable! 

Takeaways from the Stage:

  • Storytelling framework to understand why stories work and how to improve yours
  • The importance of authenticity & vulnerability to tell better stories
  • Simple tactics to include storytelling into your next presentation 


Workshop Option #3: Build Stronger Teams

Learn how to tackle challenges – in business and in life – using applied improvisation techniques proven to improve communication, collaboration and creativity!  

Takeaways from the Stage:

  • How to more effectively read non-verbal cues 
  • How to use “Yes, And” to solve problems and rapidly generate innovative ideas 
  • How to use improvisation to be a better listener, take responsible risks and stay positive in the face of adversity

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