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Quota Crusher™ Podcast

Selling Tips and Strategies from Industry Leaders and Innovators

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Season 3 Episode 5

Do This If You Want To Be #1


Join Mary Grothe, Founder and CEO of Sales BQ® as she talks about what she believes are the top attributes of high-performing sales people. Mary was a former #1 and Top 10 rep and now oversees dozens of top sales performers across the country. In this episode, Mary gives us a glimpse of what a day in the life of a CEO looks like and find out how she maintains a work-life balance.

Working with high urgency is one of the most well-respected characteristics in business development professionals and executive leadership. Show that you value your prospect, you want to earn their business, and that you are serious about solving their problems. Listening to your prospects and understanding their needs will put you as #1. 



Get to Know The Host, Mary Grothe

Mary Grothe is a former #1 MidMarket B2B Sales Rep who after selling millions and breaking multiple records, formed House of Revenue™, a Denver-based firm of fractional Revenue Leaders who currently lead the marketing, sales, customer success, and RevOps departments for 10 companies nationwide. In the past year, they've helped multiple 2nd stage growth companies between $5M - $20M, on average, double their MRR within 10 months, resulting in an average ROI of 1,454% and an average annual revenue growth eclipsing $3.2 million.