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Season 3 Episode 1

The Myth of The Sales Unicorn

Today we are reporting live from INBOUND2020 to launch season 3 of the Quota Crusher™ Podcast! We want to give a huge thanks to all of our listeners and we are so excited for season 3. There is an amazing line up of guests that are all industry experts in selling. We are going to cover everything from social selling, to automation, to becoming the #1 sales rep at your organization. Tune in weekly on Tuesdays for a new episode. 

Let's talk about the myth of the sales unicorn! CEOs are expecting to hire a salesperson that can do it all. They expect their reps to build their own database, market, prospect, close the deal, and continue the journey with the client through account management and customer success. However, this just isn't realistic. Listen to this episode to learn about how your company can instead create a revenue engine and see better results. 




Get to Know The Host, Mary Grothe

Mary Grothe is a former #1 MidMarket B2B SaaS Sales Rep who after selling millions in revenue and breaking multiple records, formed Sales BQ®, an outsourced RevOps firm of fractional VPs of Sales, Sales Ops, and CMO's who serve companies across the nation by profitably rebuilding their sales & marketing departments and growing their revenue by focusing on BQ, the behavioral quotient, and proven inbound + outbound strategies.