In our Buyer BQ course we uncover your DiSC profile and get more in depth on how to spot a personality type right when you walk into the room. We discuss how to change your selling style to each of the buying personalities. Each participant receives a custom Sales DiSC profile that highlights their dominant personality traits and selling styles. Together, we learn the 4 personality styles from both the seller side and the buyer side. We role play and learn new techniques on how to adapt to different buyer styles, specific to each rep's natural selling style. This sell-out class has always been a favorite and loved by sales teams across the nation.


*Includes Personal DiSC Assessment

Buyer BQ

  • The Sales BQ® classes can not be refunded. If you are unable to make a class, our classes repeat and you can attend the missed class during the next cycle. 

  • Once we have received your order, we will send you Google Calendar invites with the dates, times, and other class information. 


    If you live in Denver, we would love for you to come to the training center, and attend in-person. However, if you are remote we will send you a Zoom link so you can attend via live-stream. 



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