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Allow Sales BQ® to be your trusted advisor for your tech stack and operational workflow that supports your customer lifecycle.


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With our professional guidance and feedback, we will help you you assess your current marketing, sales, and customer success technology stack, evaluate the return on investment, develop a roadmap for the future, and help you implement the technology changes necessary for your organization.

1. Audit & Optimization

Audit your existing technology ecosystem. We’ll determine which tools move the needle and provide the greatest return on investment. This will include us doing a 30-minute virtual observe and shadow session with each marketing, sales, and customer success team member.


2. Gap Analysis & Change Management Solutions

Analyze your capability gaps (usage, training, reporting) and develop a strategy to close them. Identify opportunities to strategically eliminate unneeded technology and recommend new technology resources where needed. We will help you understand your current state and craft a plan to help you achieve your desired future state.

3. Schedule, Demo & Purchase

Schedule and moderate vendor meetings to ensure your priorities and objectives are met. We will help gather pricing and contacts so that you can make the best decision quickly and efficiently.

4. Data Overhaul & Integration

Migrate data, streamline tech connections, and build out new technology platforms if needed. We’ll create all the data modeling, analytics, and reporting you need.

5. Implementation & Training

Help initiate roll-out and implementation of new technology. We will build a tech training playbook and host team training sessions to drive user adoption and effectiveness. We will leave you with future repeatable processes every time you onboard a new team member.

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